About us

The “EtnoDesign“ creative group shares an authentic concept of wood, memory and legend linked together. Due to curiosity approach developed in „EtnoDesign“ manufacture, the timber changes its forms from delicate decorative plywood to innovative pliant and flexible wood, suggesting unexpected combination of veneer and felt, surprising when touched and held in hand. Lasercut intertwines with handwork, new technologies interlace with fairy-tales and cosy pieces of art are born. Be it a coaster for tea, a notebook for new alight ideas, a wooden puzzle for early guests or any interior decoration – each of it has a written personalized story to inspire.

Founded in 2010 by a family of Linas and Rūta Ambrasūnai, “EtnoDesign” now unites several creative friends. For the studio members the ethnic heritage continues to be the richest inspiration, both in life and art. The creativity of the designers is based on the jazzy attitude towards the tradition and folklore. This is the source where the new “EtnoDesign“ collections with a scent of wood originate to brighten a day, just like a song.

Woody Ruties
Woody Ruties, openwork plywood decorative figures fit into a hand and easily adjust to life of people with a beautiful heart. Accompanied with a poetic story they can be either pendants or magnets, applicable on any surfaces if combined with a „Double magnet“ set. Woody Ruties are used as interior decoration for lamps, walls, furniture and windows, not forgeting Christmas trees and occasional bouquets. The collection contains over 100 articles of assorted design.

Pliant-Wood Coasters 
Openwork coasters for table decoration boast a unique combination of veneer and felt, pleasant to touch and to lay on the table. Innovative „pliant-wood“ technology, developed by „EtnoDesign“ in 2011 is aplied for various sizes of cups, teapots and plates. Wood-scented coasters are meant for warm fellowship at the common table – to share bread, day and life together.

Giant Fretwork 
Openwork decorations for windows and walls differ from „pliant-wood“ by keeping the shape even hanging in the air. Inventive „flexible-wood“ technology, developed in 2011 combines veneer layers from both sides which gives the 2mm wide decoration very light yet firm and resistant character. To touch it is a must! Decorations can be used also as table coasters.

Unique notebook with incredible veneer covers in „flexible-wood“ style, easy to bend and adjust to shape of a palm and yet keep the fastness at the same time. A woody-scented notebook for thoughts, wishes and memories – for all those bright words and new good things that will grow out of them. 100% recycled paper.

Puzzles-Teapot Coasters
Wooden puzzles to entertain the family untill dinner will be ready have a double purpose. The collected brain-teasers serve as teapot coasters and save extra time for the hosts if guests arrive earlier than expected. Age of assemblers is unlimited.

Pliant-Wood Bookmarks 
Soft yet firm bookmarks, veneer on the top, felt on the bottom – another article of leading-edge „pliant-wood“ technology. Inbetween of light pages awaiting bookmark is like a wood-scented ticket to some hidden place and private time with a book and own thoughts. Unseen before.

Burners for Amber Incense
Original incence burner depicts authentic traditionally carved Lithuanian distaff that would be given as a keepsake with magic power hidden within its archaic ornaments. A set contains natural amber incence sticks.

Wall Clocks and Silhouette Mirrors
Our clocks do not count hours, they show the time which is full of life. The mirrors on the wall or on the table catch the light and reflect it o the one who sees it.

One can choose articles from the available collections as well as order new design.
Each souvenir weights from 3 grams and is easy to be transported and mailed by post.
Each article is packed in a transparent plastic bag, containing a two-sided label of decorative 100% recycled paper.
Alternative cardboard package wrapped in decorative paper strap can be ordered.
Each article has a personalised story printed on a label in Lithuanian and English. It can be in French or in Italian as well!
We are open to discuss any special arrangements.
All the souvenirs are created, manufactured and hand-finished in Lithuania, small and beautiful country.