Wooden lampshades

We create wooden lampshades with fretwork ornaments to create a cosy and one-of-a-kind atmosphere at home. Personalised design and custom orders are welcome.

The collection of wooden lampshades by EtnoDesign arises from the signs
of memory, revealing the decorative and symbolic character.

Soft and diffused light emanates from the fretwork lampshades.
Their design is inspired by ethnic motives and their modern interpretations.
Patterns of each lampshade have their meaning just like people have
their own memories. In this way, luminous narratives appear in space.

The other line of products is minimalistic, distinguished by clean forms,
as well subtle colours and textures of wood.
We use reconstituted wood veneer by various suppliers, providing
endless possibilities to match lampshades with a particular interior.

The EtnoDesign creative group shares an authentic concept
of wood, memory and legend linked together.
Lasercut intertwines with handwork,
new technologies interlace with fairy-tales
and cosy pieces of art are born.

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Showing 1–16 of 41 results