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Original wooden lamps, business gifts, souvenirs with stories, interior accents for your dream home

  • New!Medinis lubinis šviestuvas "Saulažiedė"

    The Blooming Sun (30-60 CM)

    Lampshade 230.00 360.00 
  • Ąžuolo spalvos pakabinamas šviestuvas MIRGA

    Flicker (Ø 35 CM)

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  • Pakabinamas medinis šviestuvas su etniniais augaliniais elementais

    MINT (Ø 40 CM)

    Pakabinamas šviestuvas 180.00 
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  • Pakabinamas juodo ąžuolo šviestuvas su baltiška ornamentika "Žirgeliai"

    The Horses (Ø 45 CM)

    Lampshade 160.00 
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  • Medinis šviestuvas

    Kupole (Ø 40 CM)

    Pendant lampshade 160.00 
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  • Toršeras su žaliu mediniu gaubtu ir žalvario stovu

    Green Waters (Ø 35 CM)

    Torchere/ Floorlamp 240.00 255.00 
  • Twin Cats with Upright Tails

    Stand for phone/ business card holder for desk 9.00 
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  • Pakabinamas šviestuvas su archaišku vandens simboliu

    Waters (Ø 40 CM)

    Lampshade 170.00 
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  • stalinis šviestuvas medinis gaubtas žalvarinis stovas raudona medienos spalva

    Lava (Ø 20 CM)

    Stalinis šviestuvas 140.00 
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  • pakabinamas šviestuvas su baltiškos juostos dekoru

    Skleistis (Ø 30 CM)

    Pakabinamas šviestuvas 160.00 
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  • medinis šviestuvo gaubtas Vilniaus medžiai

    Trees of Vilnius (Ø 30 CM)

    Lampshade/ Table lamp with a stand 180.00 230.00 
  • Medinis pakabinamas šviestuvas su tradicine lietuviška ornamentika.

    The Bloom (Ø 45 CM)

    Lampshade 220.00 
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We create gifts and stories. Our inspiration derives from authentic cultural heritage and its personal perception. Thus out of improvising with folk art motives there spring good willing presents for people and their homes. Pliant wood coasters for morning tea, puzzles that also hold the teapots for guests, notebooks for bright thoughts and wishes, fretworks for decorating windows and walls, bookmarks for reading hours, magnets with fairy tales and poems, wooden home and office accessories, other than amber souvenirs from Lithuania.