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“Precious moon, do you remember me?“, in the opening of his letter writes the Wolf,
dipping a feather in the ink, as blue as the blueberries of July.
 „I saw you there over sleeping city. The light of yours is so white
as the flour for the pie that our women bake on festive days.
It raises in the oven as the hill, where I live and speak to the stars that land on the top of the oak-trees.
Humans do not understand my language and think they hear me howling.
I hope one day I shall climb your mountains that twinkle from afar and my own eyes will see them as clearly
as the linden blossoms in the envelope. They are for your tea,-“signs his letter the Wolf Vilnensis
and seals it with the wax stamp, as round
as the beautiful Moon.

Unique notebook with incredible veneer covers in „flexible-wood“ style, easy to bend and adjust to shape of a palm and yet keep the fastness at the same time. A woody-scented notebook for thoughts, wishes and memories – for all those bright words and new good things that will grow out of them. 


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  • Dimensions: 11.0 x 1.0 x 15.0cm

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