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Coaster "Emerging of Vilnius with its name" (10 cm)

The globe is round all over.
The bowl so brindle, made of forest, stone, desert and water --
apparently wet, once you wade in.
And there is only one dot in the world
where this only night once has fallen
only to find the wolf howling in a dream,
in one long tune.
His fur was of iron and milky radiance.
You know that bliss of the sky, where birds soar and the stars follow them.
The sound was still lasting and it gave rise to a city of Vilnius.
You know, the one that is beautiful to walk around all over again endlessly,
as if it was a bowl, so brindle.

From the"Stories of Vilnius" collection.

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  • Dimensions: 10.0 x 0.2 x 10.0cm

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