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A notebook- guestbook for special ideas and occasions.

60 milky white pages with no lines or squares. Absolute freedom for Your words and images!

A unique notebook with  an ornamental fretwork and incredible veneer covers in „flexible-wood“ style, 

easy to bend and adjust to shape of a palm and yet keep the fastness at the same time. 

A woody-scented notebook for thoughts, wishes and memories – 

for all those bright words and new good things that will grow out of them. 

Some thoughts for the use: 

- Guestbook for Wedding, Baptism or Jubilee 

- Guestbook for Home and Hotel

- Book for Family history

- Diary of visions, dreams and manifestations

Sometimes birds know more than us. 
They carry stories under their wings, the stories of rivers, 
clouds and those days when the whole world fits on the blossom of lily. 
Just sit and listen, how the Sun goes round 
and so does the Moon and so our lives do, 
circling from one to another 
until we meet.


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  • Dimensions: 16.0 x 1.1 x 16.7cm

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