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Wooden guestbook "Sage ciuto"

A4 size guestbook for special ideas and occasions.

60 milky white pages with no lines or squares. Absolute freedom for Your words and images!

A unique notebook with  an ornamental fretwork and incredible veneer covers in „flexible-wood“ style,
easy to bend and adjust to shape of a palm and yet keep the fastness at the same time. 

A woody-scented notebook for thoughts, wishes and memories –
for all those bright words and new good things that will grow out of them. 

Some thoughts for the use: 

- Guestbook for Wedding, Baptism or Jubilee 

- Guestbook for Home and Hotel

- Book for Family history

- Diary of visions, dreams and manifestations

Size: A4. 214x304x20 mm

Pages: 60 

Paper: 100 gsm, milky white

And a poem of the book:

Sage is growing, little sage salavijelis

Sage is growing salavija ciuto

In the deep seas, salavijelis

In the deep seas, salavijelis

In the garden along the fence, salavijelis

In the garden along the fence, salavijelis

Under water, salavijelis

Above the earth, salavijelis

With its roots among fish

With its head among women

The leaves of the sage, salavija

Are for a blanket of waters

The leaves of the sage, salavija

Are for a pillow of the soil

Only to be closer to the roots, ciuto

Closer to all the beginnings ciuto

/// Improvisation after the authentic multipart song  ŠALAVIJAS AUGO from Tatkūnai village

The EtnoDesign fretwork collection „Ritual Multipart Songs and their Herbs“ was inspired by the sound.

Syncopes in the rhythm, seconds in harmony as well as mystical imitative words supporting a musical narrative, holding its own sacred order.

Ancient ritual Lithuanian multipart song unfolds as a sign of harmony-

Through a sound and a word that is chanted within it.

This word is being transmitted and accepted

and seen off

renewing the commitment to hear oneself 

and one another.

Reviving the agreement to keep ears open – in accord, in living next to each other, when

each and all are being created the same way, likewise waters, likewise trees—

likewise that word, ciuto, likewise that sound, lingo,

revealing its best in the consonance.

Remaining in that compatibility

lioj, liudela is a part of the Song.


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